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Top 15 Alternatives to Google Adsense for 2013 [Med.]

Friday, February 22, 2013

Adsense by Google is one of the leading Advertising networks in the whole internet. Adsense provides high CPC ( Cost Per Click ) rates for Publishers to monetize their website with the best Advertisments to be served. Some of Google Adsense 's Publishers just got banned from their Ad Platform for unknown problems, however it's hard to find better competitors to Google Adsense especially for New Blogs with small amount of Traffic. In this article I'm writing about Best Google Adsense Alternatives for 2013 that better fits with New Blogs to monetize their website's traffic more.

Top 15 Alternatives to Google Adsense for 2013 

#15-  CPMStar 

CPM Ad network 12 years of service since 2001. Providing high quality Advertising platform for Entertainment and Technology based websites. CPMStar is a CPM and CPC based network that helps advertisers to drive more traffic and increase their ROI and publishers to monetize their Entertainment traffic.

Revenue Type: CPC - CPM
Minimum Payment: $1
Payment Methods: Paypal / Check

#14-  Clicksor:

Clicksor is an Ad network that provides Inline Text links, text banners, popunders, Graphical banners, interstitial ads, etc... Those type of ads made the choice to advertisers to choose great and large variety of Advertising options. For publishers, Clicksor seems to be one of the best Ad Networks that makes more money with their Ad Types.

Revenue Type: Inline Text Links, Text Banners, Graphical Banner, Pop-Unders, Interstitial Ads
Minimum Payment: $50
Payment Methods: Paypal / Check / Bank Wire Transfer

#13-  eDomz

eDomz is a great network for both advertisers and publishers. EDomz - more than 8 years in service - is an online marketing and advertising company that enables direct contact between marketers and website owners in the purpose to maximize their profits from advertising.

Revenue Type: CPC / PPV
Minimum Payment: $10
Payment Methods: Paypal / MoneyBookers / Payza

#12-  Bidvertiser

Bidvertiser is an online advertising platform that presents a Unique way of advertising. Bidvertiser is an advertising system mixed with a bid system, the bidding system gives the publishers the possibility to earn more money from their ad slots.

Revenue Type: CPC / eBay Ads / Popups
Minimum Payment: $10 (Paypal) / 100$ (Check) / Wire (500$)
Payment Methods: Paypal / Check / Wire

#11-  Lijit

Lijit is a less known ad network than other companies. Lijit gives the ability to publishers to track their earnings with advanced reports tools to maximize their revenue from worldwide traffic.

Revenue Type: CPM
Minimum Payment: $25
Payment Methods: Paypal / Check / Wire

#10-  LinkWorth

LinkWorth provides an User-Friend-Interface which helps publishers to simply implement the Ad Tags in their websites, LinkWorth can easily replace Adsense revenue if you got banned or your account was deactivated by Google. LinkWorth doesn't accept any blogs however it analyses some factors like: Monthly Traffic, Monthly Pageview, Alexa Rank, Google Pagerank...

Revenue Type: CPA, CPC, Paid Reviews
Minimum Payment: $25
Payment Methods: Paypal / Check / Wire / Credit Card

#9-  Propeller Ads

Propeller Ads is running one of the best and fast-growing ad platforms ever. Propeller Ads gives the opportunity to publishers to increase their Website's daily earnings with a nice and high CPM Rates.
Propeller Ads doesn't accept any blogs but it accepts Nice Themed websites, content rich blogs, high alexa ranking (below 400K), better google pagerank (above PR1)... It's not very hard to get into Propeller Ads and get Approved.

Revenue Type: CPM
Minimum Payment: $50
Payment Methods: Paypal / Wire

#8-  Exit Junction

ExitJunction have its unique way of advertising, you can monetize your website with this new way. Exit Junction allows you to make money from Exit Traffic. What's Exit Traffic? Ok, Exit Traffic is every visitor who came from search engine or another website, doesn't like your website, the visitor hits the Back button or close the Tab, a Popup from ExitJunction appears and then makes you money. ExitJunction accepts any blog including new blogs with low traffic.

Revenue Type: CPM / CPC
Minimum Payment: $50
Payment Methods: Paypal / Check / Wire

#7-  ContextWeb (PulsePoint)

ContextWeb also known as PulsePoint, is a great CPM Ad Network and great Alternative to Adsense that enables good ad types. The problem with ContextWeb is that they doesn't provide high fill rates ( 50% ) but if you have a good website with high traffic that fill rate will be nice to you. ContextWeb accepts any website including new blogs with low traffic.

Revenue Type: CPM
Minimum Payment: $50
Payment Methods: Paypal / Check / Wire

#6-  Chitika

Chitika is one of the best alternatives to Google Adsense, Chitika enables Mobile Advertising which helps you increase earnings from your mobile traffic. Chitika is based on CPC and also provides In-Text ads. Chitika accepts only blogs that drives good amount of traffic (over 100 visitors daily )

Revenue Type: CPC / In-Text / Mobile ads
Minimum Payment: $50
Payment Methods: Paypal / Check

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#5-  Text-Link-Ads

Text-Link-Ads is a good ad platform that can replace the earnings of Google Adsense with its easy to use MarketPlace. Text-Link-Ads is a flat rate based ad network, which means you can sell your Text Links for an amount of dollars in a Monthly rates. TLA doesn't accept any website, only that meets their Traffic Factors.

Revenue Type: In-Text, Flat Rate
Minimum Payment: $25
Payment Methods: Paypal / Check / Payoneer

#4-  Infolinks

Infolinks is an in-Text advertising company. Infolinks' ad tags doesn't take any ad placement and doesn't affect your Google Adsense revenue, which really makes it in the top of Google Adsense Alternatives. Infolinks provide intext advertising with a great eCPM rates. Infolinks accept any website with small traffic.

Revenue Type: in-Text CPM
Minimum Payment: $50
Payment Methods: Paypal / Wire / Payoneer

#3-  Qadabra

Qadabra was AdsGadget in the past. Qadabra is a very nice Self-serve Ad Platform which enables great eCPM rates and I think this would be the Best Adsense Alternative. Qadabra is also an Adbrite Alternative since Adbrite shutdown in 1st of February 2013. Qadabra or Adsgadget provides a very easy to use Interface, after signing-up and adding the Ad Tags, the Banner Ads should be running in no time and your earnings should increase very fast. Qadabra accepts any website with any amount of traffic, even new & low traffic blogs.

Revenue Type: CPC, CPM, Revenue Share
Minimum Payment: $20 for Payoneer / 1$ for Paypal
Payment Methods: Paypal / Wire / Payoneer / MasterCard

#2- BuySellAds

BuySellAds is a Flat rate ad platform and Marketplace which connects bloggers to Advertisers to increase their profits. To make your website get approved and accept in BuySellAds is very hard since they use some hard traffic Factors like: No New blogs, high traffic, high Pagerank (Above PR3), high Alexa Rank (below 100.000) , etc... It's the 2nd best adsense alternative.

Revenue Type: Monthly Flat Rate / CPM
Minimum Payment: $50
Payment Methods: Paypal / Check

#1-  Tribal Fusion

Tribal Fusion only accepts high traffic blogs and websites, which makes it harder to get into and get your website approved. Tribal Fusion provides very High CPM Rates and it's classified as the first best Adsense Alternative.

Revenue Type: CPM / CPC
Minimum Payment: $100
Payment Methods: Bank Transfer / Wire / Check

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