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How to Get a Free US Bank Account & Verify Paypal [Pro.]

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Payoneer is now one of the most successful Electronic Payment Service providers. Payoneer makes online payments more easier and secure for Clients and Companies. In the last few months, Payoneer enabled a new way to Pay and Get paid online, it's a Free Online US based Bank account that allows you to link your Payoneer MasterCard credit card to your US Bank account.

How it Works?

Upon a Client signup for a Payoneer Credit Card, and applies for the US Payment service, it takes around 2-7 business days for Payoneer to create a Real Bank Account in the USA which is totally Free for all clients from all over the world.

What are the Benefits of Payoneer US Payment Services?

  • Receive funds using the ACH Network.
  • Receive funds from Direct Deposit transfer to your Bank Account.
  • Transfer the money from the Bank Account to your Credit Card with 0% Fees as they are linked to each other.
  • Use US Payment Service to Verify a Paypal account for Free.
  • Buy/Sell or Receive/Send funds from US Companies like Amazon,eBay, Paypal, Apple and more...

Note#1: All the above benefits are Totally Free and will Not cost any penny...

How to Get a Free US Bank Account & Verify Paypal

1) Go to Payoneer Signup Page and Click Signup button.

Note#2: You'll earn 25$ for Free as a Signup Bonus.

2) Fill up the required forms to Complete the Signup process:

    2.a) Click Start Here button and fill up the CardHolder details

    2.b) Click Step2 and Fill up card account information, then Step3 for the Registration Verification

    2.c) Check the 3 Agree buttons and click Finish.

3) After finishing the Signup process, you have to wait for the Credit Card to arrive to your postal address. Remember that shipping may take up to 2 Weeks as a maximum time.

4) In the 2 Weeks of waiting for the Payoneer Card, you could Go and Earn Money Online using the below links:

5) After you've received your Payoneer Credit Card, you have to go to Payoneer Login and activate your account.

6) To activate your Credit Card, Simply click the Red Text like below then enter your Credit Card Number and new PIN number

7) After activating your card, now Hover above Services from the menu, then Click US Payment Service

8) Scroll to the bottom and Click Activate

9) You'll get your unique Bank Routing Number and Account Number for your bank account.

Verifying Paypal using US Payment Service from Payoneer

1) Go to Paypal Signup page or you can Login to your unverified Account directly.

2) After you signup for Paypal, Click Get Verified then click Link Bank Account

3) Enter your Bank Account informations you got from Payoneer account.

4) Paypal will Deposit for you 2 amounts between 0.01$ and 0.09$ ... After you receive the 2 transfers of money, enter the 2 number of dollars you have received to Verify your Paypal account.

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