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How to Make a Proxy Website and Earn Money from It [Part1]

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Proxy websites are one of the most visited websites in the Internet, Proxies helps users hide their IP addresses to access a privater content or a prohibited website in some countries ( Youtube, Facebook, Twitter ...). So in order to access those blocked websites every user must use a Proxy website. Thus a proxy website can drive too much traffic than other websites which makes it an easy & fast solution to make money from it. In this 3 Parts tutorial, we are going to talk about How to Make a Proxy Website and Earn Money from it: Part 1: Making, Preparing and Hosting the Proxy Website.

How to Make a Proxy Website and Earn Money from It

Part1: Making, Preparing and Hosting the Proxy

Part-3: How to Make Money from Your Proxy Website

1) First of all, go to Glype Proxy 's website and click Download

2) The downloaded file is in ZIP Format, it contains all the necessary PHP & HTML Files.

3) Now after downloading Glype Proxy, you have to find a great Hosting Website, you can check out this for Free Hosting, but it will delete your Proxy after a period of time, so you can get 0.01$ Hosting from HostGator using our coupon code RazorTuts9

      4 Websites to Get FREE Unlimited Web Hosting >

       How to Get HostGator Hosting for Only 0.01$ >>

4) Remember that Paid Hosting would be better, more reliable and may not Ban your Proxy Website. You can google for Cheap Paid Web Hosting .

5) After finding a great webhosting, now you have to Setup your Own Proxy. You can find free domain names like or try:

    How to Get Free .Com Domain Name from Google >

6) Go to your Hosting Account, and access the File Manager like below:

7) You'll get a Net2ftp page, Click on public_html folder, then Click Upload and Click the right Choose Files... 

8) Now Select the ZIP File that you have downloaded in Step2, then click the Accept Button ( All the files should be extracted ).

9) To configure your Proxy Website, go to your Website address and add /admin.php ( e.g: )

10) Enter your details, Username, Password ... Then you can Access your Proxy.

 It's All Ready for Money

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