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4 Tips to Optimize Windows 8 for Gaming [Gaming]

Friday, March 8, 2013

Windows 8 is getting more and more popular with its Fast and Reliable Performance, which make it the most fastest Windows release. In the same time, new PC video games are pretty Slow on some Windows 8 computers. So I'm sharing with you this 4 Tips and Tweaks to Optimize Windows 8 for Gaming purpose, which I've already tested and it speed up my Windows 8 Blazing Fast.

4 Tips to Optimize Windows 8 for Gaming

#1- Activate Fast Startup Feature:

Fast Startup is the best new optimization feature added in Windows 8. Fast Startup is a little like older Windows' hibernate feature, it totally stocks the opened programs, registry, services and other programs into the Hard Drive for faster speed and good Gaming FPS rates. You can view the tutorial in the following article:

#2- Use USB Flash Drive as RAM Memory

ReadyBoost is worth using for Windows 8 since it helped a lot of people in Windows 7 solving the problem of lag in PC Games, slow Gaming because of low RAM memory, also if your laptop doesn't provide adding extra RAM chips. ReadyBoost turns your USB Flash Drive into an extra RAM for your Windows 8 to speed up gaming mode. You can view the tutorial in my previous post that works for Windows8:

#3- Defragmentation / Drives Optimization for Windows 8 

Defragmentation under Windows 8 is called Optimize Drives. This feature helps a lot in Video Gaming it reduces a lot the Lag and improves more the FPS limit. To Defragment Windows 8 disk drives you can follow the following tutorial:

   1) Go to My Computer then select a Drive to Optimize
   2) Click the Optimize button under Manage tab

   3) The window will open, select a drive then Click Optimize 

4#- Close Metro Apps

Metro menu is a new interface present in Windows 8, for those who don't know how to use it or not familiar with the Windows 8's Metro menu, you may have forgotten to close the opened apps in Metro. This helps also a lot to gain more Memory and CPU for more speed in Gaming. You can do that by simply following the next tutorial:

   Method-1: Click Alt+Ctrl+Del to run the Task Manager, Select the programs to close, then Click End Task

   Method-2: Open Metro menu, Right Click the Opened Apps the click Close

Done! You can view also the Following Tips & Tricks: