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How to Make Money From Your Proxy Website [Part3]

Thursday, March 21, 2013

This is the last part of our Serie: How to Make a Proxy Website and Make Money From it. In this last part we are going to talk about the monetization methods that can be used for your Proxy Website along with the most successful tips that can help you make over 1000$ per Month from your Proxy Website. Part3: How to Make Money from Your Proxy Website.

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Part-3: How to Make Money from your Proxy Website:

Google Adsense:

Google Adsense is the sponsor number 1 of proxy websites, as you can see all the proxy websites use Adsense as the #1 monetization method. Adsense is the leading CPC ad network that can fulfill both Advertisers and Publishers' needs. It can be used for proxy websites and the cost per click for this niche is around 0.5$ which is excellent as an auto-pilot website.

Alternatives to Google Adsense:

There's a bunch of good alternatives to Google Adsense that pays well for your proxy website. If you are banned from adsense or your account is deactivated then you can still make money from other ad networks similar to Google Adsense. I already wrote about alternatives to google adsense that pays good for proxy websites, you can check it out:


You can promote Affiliate products using your proxy website and make huge money from it. This method requires a good amount of daily visitors in order to achieve a quite reasonable conversion rate. You can promote Email/Zip Submits using Peerfly CPA network, or you can sell affiliate products using Clickbank CPL network.

Amazon Affiliate:

You can also sell Amazon products and gain commissions for every sale your Proxy website make. This also require a quite good amount of daily visitors to make some Sales. Remember that you must choose products that meet your niche which is Proxy Website, to make more conversions thus more money.

Popup & Popunder Ads:

Popup & Popunder Ads are a good monetization methods for proxies, every visitor who visits your website sees a popup or a popunder ad. You'll be paid for 1000 visits which means CPM, the CPM rates will be around 0.5$ and 6$ (varies from the visitor's country).  You can find good ad networks for popup & popunders in our previous post.

Email Marketing:

This is the last but not least method that can make you some money from your proxy website, it's Email Marketing. How it Works? Okay, you make a Subscription box like below for visitors to subscribe via Email, then after you acquire a good amount of Email Subscribers (let's say 1000 emails), those emails are interested in Proxy niche. After that you build the email list and start emailing them and Send your Affiliate Products to sell. This method is quite hard but with this method you can Make more than 1000$ per Month if you make a steady steps and be patient.


Making a Proxy website is not a hard work, driving traffic is quite tough job to do but Making Money from your Proxy website is the easiest, it requires you some time to wait and your patience. Remember that in order to make more than 1000$ per Month you should never give up until you achieve your Goal.
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