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How to Make a Proxy Website and Earn Money from It [Part2]

Friday, March 15, 2013

Making money with a proxy website doesn't require you too much, but it requires a little of time and patience to start earning with your Proxy website. As we have already talked about How to Make a Proxy Website and Earn Money from it Making, Preparing and Hosting the Proxy Website, the serie continues with this Part2: How to Drive Traffic to your Proxy Website in which we are going to talk about the several factors and methods that can drive and increase the visitors to your Proxy Website with this A to Z Tutorial.

Part-1: Making, Preparing and Hosting the Proxy Website

Part-2: How to Drive Traffic to your Proxy Website (Methods and Tips)

Part-3: How to Make Money from Your Proxy Website

Why Proxy Websites Auto-Drive Traffic?

Proxy Websites are now in the top list of visited websites in internet. It provides a Free access to unblock blocked websites in some countries. It drives huge traffic due to its high search frequency, thus internet visitors always search for a Free Website proxies to unblock access to a website like Facebook, twitter or Youtube.

How to Drive Traffic to a Proxy Website:

#1- Proxy Directories:

Proxy Directories are a good way to drive traffic and increase your visitors to your proxy website. Proxy directories are a list of submitted proxy websites that provide easy search for proxies online. In order to add your website you need to link them back in your proxy.

     Top 10 Proxy Directories:

     How to Add your Proxy to Directories:

     1) Visit the Directories listed above.
     2) Enter your Proxy details ( Category, type, name, url etc...)
     3) Link back to the directory using the href tag or simple link.
     4) Done!

#2- Get a Domain Name:

Getting a domain name ( .com / .net / .org etc...) will rank your proxy higher in the search engines and directories, thus will drive more traffic and visitors from all over the world. A domain name can be bought from any Domain Name selling websites for about 7$ per Year. You can see our tutorial about:

#3- Get a Paid Hosting:

Google and other search engines rank well the paid hosting websites, however it doesn't give too much importance to Free Hosting Websites. Paid hosting does matter a lot if you're planning to run your own Proxy Website and drive too much traffic. It will cost you around 8$ per Month, but you can see our Tutorial on about:

#4- Do Some SEO for your Proxy Website:

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the primary factor to build a successful proxy website. Doing the right SEO techniques can boost your search engine ranking as well as directories. You can use the most common SEO tactics that increases the most your visitors:

  • Keywords
  • Nice Title Tag ( e.g: The Ultimate Proxy Website to Unblock Access )
  • Attractive Design
  • Expressive Description tag
  • Make your Website Social (Facebook page ...)
  • Write articles in Squidoo or Hubpages about your Proxy    

#5- Let the World hear about your Proxy Website:

If you want to drive traffic then you need to attract visitors. To attract visitors to your proxy website then you need to let the World hear about your new established proxy by spreading the word about it. This is the most useful method to drive more unique visitors to your website:

  • Write on Forums ( DigitalPoint forum etc...)
  • Make Youtube Videos and add your Proxy link.
  • Add articles in article directories ( ezineArticles etc...)
  • Write Articles in Squidoo and Hubpages.
  • Make a Facebook Page, Twitter account and more...
  • Advertise on Razor Tuts for low prices
  • Use Adwords to drive more visitors.
  • etc...

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