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Razor Tuts' First Birthday : Giveaways for You

Thursday, March 28, 2013

1 Year of Love, 1 Year of Sharing. That's the slogan that we choose to introduce for 1 year serving our Visitors and Followers with the best of what we can. It took us hard work to publish & share the nectar of Computer  Tips, Tricks and Hacks. Our website generally is progressing and making steady and good steps towards the popular websites under Technology niche, it happened that our website had many constraints and obstacles, however we continued serving you with the best of Internet and Tech tutorials.Our followers and visitors, in this article we are going to talk about the year that passed over Razor Tuts blog.

The Start of Razor Tuts

The start of Razor Tuts was on February 2012, but it the real start was in the end of March 2012 after acquiring a unique domain name In the beginning, our website wasn't getting too much of visitors, even when we was updating it regularly with rich content about Tips Tricks and Tutorials for computers, high-tech, internet and more... but after few months of work, we started bringing and attracting thousands of visitors that became followers in a later time.

What Makes Razor Tuts a Unique Blog

Razor Tuts provides to its visitors the pure Juice of Tech tricks and hacks along with more topics that we wrote about. What really makes Razor Tuts special, its rich content and unique high quality articles updated with a daily basis, we can mention the following posts as Very Exclusive and Unique:

What We Achieved and What We didn't

Working as Razor in Razor Tuts, we have achieved many things such as: driving thousands of daily visitors, more than 2630 Facebook Fans, and more than 300 Twitter followers along with Top 20 of Technology blogs in 2012-2013. What we want to achieve and our goal in the next year is driving more and more engaged visitors, getting higher rank in Top Technology Blogs, acquiring better alexa ranking and google pagerank.

What's the most Rising & Popular Articles

We wrote and published different articles and many topics such as Hacking, Tips & Tricks, Reviews, Tutorials, iOS, Android, and many other categories. Some of them attracts more visitors which make it in the top of popular articles and rising articles, here's a few of them:

  Rising Posts:


  Popular Articles:


Want to Join our Team & Write for Us?

If you want to join our Team and Write for us, the doors are opened anytime for you, the things required for joining us: Basic Knowledge about Computers & Internet. Advanced knowledge and experience in one of the following categories: Ethical Hacking, iOS, Android, Windows, Linux or Photoshop. If you are interested in joining our team and write topics, then don't hesitate to Contact us we will get back to you as soon as possible regarding your inquiry and asking you some questions.

Giveaways for the 1st Birthday

We are giving some special giveaways for our Fans and Visitors to thank them for their support. The giveaways are nothing compared to what our visitors gave to us. The giveaways are 2 Popular E-Books for Geeks and Beginners to Learn More:

1-Certified Ethical Hacking: You'll learn with this e-book the basics of Ethical Hacking, exploits, penetrations and attacks/defense techniques used in many Operating Systems and Networks.

2-Windows 8 Secrets E-book: In this E-book there's many tips tricks, hidden stuff, and secrets in Windows 8, you'll learn Windows 8 functionality from A to Z.

Thanks for your Support