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Top 11 Facebook Hacks and Easter Eggs

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Facebook is now a popular social network that everyone use to connect with his friends and family. Here I'm presenting a list of Top 11 Facebook Hacks and Easter Eggs for 2013, this list contains various hidden tricks and hacks to apply on Facebook in 2013 and have some fun during your navigation on Facebook. The following Hacks are Not Harmful and will never harm any thing from your account privacy.

Top 11 Facebook Hacks and Easter Eggs

#1- Post Empty Status

Posting Empty status is a hack that will allow to publish empty things on your Facebook timeline to fake your friends and have some fun. We already wrote about this you can find it at: 

#2- Find Who Deleted you

With this hack you can monitor your friends and find who deleted you by receiving a notification about this. We wrote about this in an earlier post:

#3- Pirates Language on Facebook

This trick will enable an Easter Egg on Facebook which is Pirates English Language, this will change your facebook interface language with an outlandish and hilarious pirates' language (this easter egg is so funny). To activate it follow this:

  • Go to your Account Settings
  • Click Edit beside the Language
  • Select English (Pirate) from the menu
  • Click Save

#4- Create a Fake Facebook Discussion

With this very funny trick for Facebook, you can create Fake Facebook Conversations to fake your friends and post some funny pictures of it. You can do it by using FakeConvos website.

#5- Write Flipped Text into Status

Writing Flipped and mirrored status to your Facebook timeline is very funny. Here's a trick about doing so, this website will generate a flipped (upside down) and mirrored text to put on any social network like Facebook, Twitter or MySpace:

  • Go to UpsideDownText
  • Write some text to publish as a status, in the first box.
  • It will generate flipped and mirrored text on realtime.
  • Just Copy the Text from the second box and paste it to your Facebook timeline.

#6- Login to Multiple Facebook Accounts

This trick works on Google Chrome and Firefox, you can login to multiple facebook accounts at once and manage them as from 2 separate computers. I blogged about it in an earlier article called:

#7- Delete All your Facebook Messages

In the last update of Facebook, managing messages have become more hard and complex since we are not able to delete our history of Facebook chat messages or deleting one by one. Here's how you can delete all your Facebook Messages at Once

  • Download this Google Chrome Extension
  • Go to your Messages page
  • Click Delete All in any conversation

#8- Disable "Seen" in Facebook Chat Hack

This forced Hack will disable the feature of Facebook "seen". Every time you receive a message and read it (accidentally) your mate whom you are chatting with will receive a 'Seen' notification in chat box. This feature can be disabled with the following tutorial: How to Disable Seen in Facebook Chat Hack

  • Download this Chrome Extension
  • Install it to your browser
  • You'll notice that 'seen' have been disabled

#9- List of Secret Facebook Smileys and Emoticons

If you are bored with the traditional Facebook emoticons, you can use a new list of funny Facebook Emoticon Codes and smileys to use in chat. Check out the list of smileys we wrote about:

#10- Change the Facebook Login Background

This hack also is a Chrome extension installed to change your Facebook login page template to a new creative and cool theme. Just follow this tutorial and you'll find out How to Change the Facebook Background & Theme

#11- Make a Creative Facebook Timeline Covers

This will make your Facebook timeline profile look shiny and creative with this tweak of Facebook that will help you change your profile and cover photos to a new creative one: 

#Bonus - How to Get your Friend's IP Address on Facebook

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