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6 Useful Websites to Learn Coding as a Beginner

Friday, March 22, 2013

As a Beginner in the computer's universe, you need to start learning the basics of the Coding as it helps you to create some useful Websites, Web Apps, Applications and more things you can do. Here I'm presenting 5 Useful Websites that will help you to Learn to Code as a Beginner and building your way up to an Expert Developer or Programmer.
The following websites provides a set of Coding languages: CSS, HTML, PHP, JavaScript, CSS3, HTML5, Ruby, etc... and it doesn't require any skills  to begin learning.

6 Useful Websites to Learn Coding from a Beginner to an Expert

#1- W3Schools

W3Schools is the number 1 in Web Development resource as it helps beginners to learn coding from A to Z. At W3Schools you can learn to create a website or a web app, all you need to do is simple: Just go to W3School and select a tutorial of the language you are going to learn (e.g: HTML) then take a cup of coffee and starting learning.

Skills Required: No Skills
Languages: HTML/CSS (HTML5/CSS3), Javascript, PHP, ASP, XML, AJAX, jQuery... 


#2- CodeCademy

CodeCademy enables a funny way to learn coding. With CodeCademy you can learn any web language and start programming in a funny and relaxing way, that's why CodeCademy is the best alternative to W3Schools. Also CodeCademy helps you learn some basics of Style and Design.

Skills Required: No Skills
Languages: HTML/CSS, PHP, jQuery, JavaScript, Python, Ruby


#3- CodeSchool

CodeSchool is also a good alternative to W3Schools, it's provides a very easy to use interface, relaxing design, and not much of boring text which makes it a nice tutorials platform for students and professionals. In addition, CodeSchool introduced a new Coding to learn: iOS Development for you to learn Creating iOS  Apps for iPhone and iPad.

Skills Required: No Skills
Languages: HTML/CSS, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, iOS


#4- CodeAvengers

Like CodeCademy, CodeAvengers provides an easy to use platform and a Funny way to learn to code and gain experience. It also adds a 3 Levels degrees that the user have to pass them to become a full expert. There's only tutorials about web development and web apps.

Skills Required: No Skills
Languages: HTML/CSS (HTML5/CSS3), JavaScript

#5- TeamTreeHouse

TeamTreeHouse is very similar to CodeSchool which provide a simple and easy way to learn coding, also it enables iOS and Android development to develop and program some iOS and Android games.

Skills Required: No Skills
Languages: HTML/CSS, iOS, Android, Wordpress

#6- DreaminCode

The last one is DreaminCode, it's a good tutorials platform and millions of developers have taken their knowledge & experience about programming from DreaminCode. But the only thing that doesn't seem to be good with DreaminCode is that the interface is so boring and there's plenty of text.

Skills Required: No Skills
Languages: C++, Java, VB,, C#, PHP, ColdFusion, Database

That's it! You can also start your way from a Beginner that have no skills, to an Expert. You can then use your knowledge & experience to work as a Freelancer or make your own website and apps.