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10 Cool Websites You Should Know About

Friday, April 19, 2013

The web today contains a huge number of websites serving the users' needs from Fun through daily work to news and more... The following Websites and web apps are wisely selected to be the best cool less-known websites that gathers a lot of fun, entertainment and web services to make things done. In the list below there's a top 10 of websites that you should know about in 2013, those websites records a high number of daily visitors as well as a more than 25 minutes of browsing, since it offers an addictive and appealing content with an excellent design.

10 Cool Websites You Should Know About

1. CleverBot

Cleverbot is an excellent web app that allows people talk to a bot with a long discussion chat. It's based on an artificial intelligence algorithm that replies with the suitable sentence to make the conversation look real. Cleverbot is a very funny app that you can prank your friends with or talk to the robot all the time using their iOS and Android apps.

2. TheUselessWeb

TheUselessWeb is a website that collects a big number of useless websites and serves it with a button "Please". By clicking that button you're redirected to a website that contains an animation or a picture only. You can find funny websites using TheUselessWeb.

3. Atari Arcade

If you want to Play Classic Games then Atari Arcade is an online gaming machine based on HTML5 by the company Atari. You can play old school games and have fun while browsing the games' catalog or beating the leaderboard top scores while challenging friends.

4. YouConvertit

With YouConvertit you are able to convert media files online: Upload a File, Select the output file, wait for the conversion and caching to the server, Download your Converted media file. It supports almost any video types: Audio(wma,mp3...), Video(mp4,3gp,avi...), Archives(rar,zip...), Documents(docx, pdf...)... Also you can convert Online videos like Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, MetaCafe and more...
YouConvertit is worth testing and using since it enables fast conversion and download speeds.

5. RetailMeNot

If you want to purchase things online and you want to find coupon codes, then RetailMeNot will help you find Free Coupon Codes shared by people like you. RetailMeNot contains a big list of coupon codes updated daily: Amazon Coupons, Ebay, VistaPrint and many more. With RetailMeNot you can find Free Shipping codes, Printable coupons, Grocery Coupons... with a very easy to use template and search bar.

6. Down For Everyone Or Just Me

If you have tried accessing a website and you found it down, then you thought that the problem is from your Internet, DNS or ISP service... You can find out if the website is down only for you or it's down in the whole internet using this online service called "DownForEveryOneOrJustMe". After submitting a website to test, this online tool will try to ping the website from different IP addresses and from different countries to see if it's down or no. This tool helps you a lot especially if you're a developer or a webmaster.

7. Prezi

Prezi is an online alternative to Microsoft's PowerPoint. Prezi Presentations, enables good number of designs, animations, texts, images and more to make your Presentation look professional and attractive. With Prezi you can create, share and publish all your Online presentations on the fly using their iOS and Android apps to facilitate the work.

8. JamWithChrome

Jam With Chrome from Chrome Experiments group by Google, based on HTML5, is an online interactive web app that you can use to Play live music with friends from all over the world using instruments: Guitar, Percussions...You can create an online band with your friends and play music live using Jam With Chrome and have a lot of fun. It contains 19 instruments and only 4 People can play together in the same time.

9. Pixlr

Pixlr is a website that provides a photo editing tools online to replace Photoshop. Pixlr Editor, Pixlr Express and Pixlr-o-Matic, every app contains different types of effects and tools to use on your Picture. Pixlr Editor: is a very similar to Photoshop from tools and effects. Pixlr Express: is an effects and image correction app that you can use to make great photos. Pixlr-o-matic: is also similar to Pixlr Express but contains less effects and easy to use interface. 

10. ChromeWebLab

Another HTML5 experiment made by Chrome Experiments a group from Google. ChromeLab contains 5 Magical tools to explore. Universal Orchestra: similar to JamWithChrome but enables more features and nice web experience, you can play Orchestra live directly to London Museum with real instruments there. Teleporter: See live web cameras across the world through this online experiment. SketchBots: With this awesome tool, you take a picture with webcam, the tool analyze it then starts sketching it in the Sand live in London Museum. And other tools you can check it in Chrome Web Lab's awesome web application.