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4 Websites to Learn to Type Faster

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Typing words with your keyboard faster can help you complete long texts in a small amount of time by typing without looking at the Keyboard's keys while looking in the screen, this writing technique can help save a lot of time while working. Do you want to learn to type faster than you do? You can learn now easily by following this article about 4 Websites to make you learn to type faster online in a funny way.

4 Websites to Learn to Type Fast

Here's a list of top 4 websites and apps to help you learn typing more faster and achieve long texts in less time.

1. Keybr.Com

Keybr is a flash website that helps you typing words to paragraphs with many languages. Many lessons are introduced in Keybr to give more difficulty to levels with more new extra keys like numbers, ponctuations, spaces and others. Also with Keybr you are allowed to import external text source such as a website or document and type it in the Keybr platform, so you can learn to type your own words more easily. You can also test your testing speed measured by Words per Minute (wpm) as well as seeing your personal reports for mistakes you did in lessons.

2. TypeRacer

TypeRacer is a funny genre to learn typing faster while racing others with your highest typing speed that you can make. With TypeRacer you can race other people typing words and see your competition compared to other typers. You can also start a race with your friends by sharing a personal link about your competition, and after your friends join you can start beating them. In TypeRacer you have also the opportunity to improve your typing skills with a Practice mode that will help you start typing as a beginner to an expert. TypeRacer have a Top Score leaderboard scores that you can try to beat with your hands typing words. 

3. TypeOnline

TypeOnline is a good online typing platform that will help you solve your problems about achieving long texts at work. With TypeOnline you can start as beginner and make your way to be a super faster keyboard writer with leveled lessons.

4. WordGames

Last but not least, WordGames is an another funny typing platform that contains many games to learn typing with different styles. At WordGames you can have fun while learning in a very easy way, most of the games are leveled with different difficulty and extra keys: the more the difficulty, the more the keys used... 


With the above 4 Websites that you read about you can easily be a super fast keyboard typer and you can write while looking at the screen ( no longer looking at the keyboard while writing ), thus you can use it in texting, chatting, writing long texts for your homework or work...