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5 Tips to Increase your Twitter Followers

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Twitter is now the second best Social Network Website after Facebook, it now drives billions of visitors monthly, more than 500 Millions of users and more than 220 Millions of Active users. Those numbers really matters because if you want to increase your Twitter Followers you need to attract those users much more to your profile. Here's 5 professional Tips to Increase your Twitter Followers in less time.

5 Tips to Increase your Twitter Followers 

  #1- Tweet Less, but Tweet the Best

One of the important Tips in increasing your followers today is Tweeting. Tweets are the equivalent to Status of Facebook, it helps you spread a message or a word to your followers in order to make them listen to you. If you Tweet you can make more followers, try Tweeting the best content and the less of tweets, do not tweet like a spammer or a bot just tweet things that can attract followers more.

  #2- Attractive Profile

After setting up your account you need to add a profile picture, a cover photo and a header image. Remember also to enter a nice biography that describes you well. Those tweaks to your twitter profile will increase your followers. Below is a list of websites that will help you: Generate a Cover Photo, Header Photos, Biography Generator...

  #3- Follow Others

Try to find people that shares the same interests as you and follow them, in the meantime those people 50% of them will follow you back as they will receive a notification that you are following them. This trick also increases very much your twitter followers, not only normal followers but targeted followers because you just received a follow from a person with your interests. Do not follow too much people because you'll be reported as a spammer. You can find below 3 Websites that will help you search people by interests easily:

  • Wefollow - Smart Twitter search engine for people with specific interests 
  • Twellow - Good search engine and directory for people on twitter
  • Twitter's Search Tool - Also a smart built-in twitter search engine

  #4- Social Exchange

Good method to generate a great amount of followers using Social Exchange websites. You follow, like, +1 others' twitter, facebook pages, google+ profiles and you'll earn points, after earning points you add your Twitter account and set the number of CPC (Cost Per Click) on your account, and you'll start driving followers in no time. Using this method you can get huge number of followers, but the problem is those followers are not targeted which means they are not interested in following you. Below are some popular Social Exchange websites to drive twitter followers:

  #5- Make Others reTweet Your Content

After making an attractive profile and tweeting great content you have to make your content being spread. The reTweet feature of Twitter is the same as Share button on Facebook, so if other reTweet your content they will publish it in their profiles under your name, which is great in driving followers.

  #6- Bonus! Website Promotion

If you have your own Website, you can add the Twitter Buttons to get more followers to your account. The more your website is popular and drive traffic, the more you'll get followers.