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Control Your PC Using Hand Gestures

Sunday, April 21, 2013

When you're away from your PC you can't control it since your hand will not reach the mouse or keyboard, that moment especially when you're watching a movie it will be hard to do that. In this article, I'm writing about 2 Ways to Control your PC Using your Hand Gestures with Webcam (it's most likely the Air Gesture of Galaxy S4 but for PC) and with this 2 ways you can easily control Google Chrome or Windows through your hands away from your computer.

Control Your PC Using Hand Gestures

How it Works?

An attached webcam to your computer will analyze all gestures that you perform with your hand facing the PC, then translate those movements into binary (or comprehensible programming language) to the software used, the software in its turn executes the command according to the gesture performed.

Things you'll Need

  • A Computer with Windows or Mac installed.
  • Webcam 
  • One of the software below installed

1. Flutter App

Flutter app will allow you to make actions to your PC from Webcam with your hand when you are away from your computer. Flutter can only Play, Pause or Stop a Music or Video playing in one of the following programs: iTunes, Winamp, Spotify, Windows Media Player.

How to Use Flutter App

2) Click Download button to start downloading Flutter.

3) Open up one of the supported and listed above programs, Put a Music or Video on to start playing.

4) Launch Flutter and raise your hand in front of your Webcamera, it will analyze it and your player will Pause/Play again.

2. NPointer

NPointer is a yet another alternative to Flutter app but more powerful. With NPointer you can control not only music and videos but also you can Control the Mouse pointer with your webcam, you can also perform gestures with your Hand, your head or any other part of your body. NPointer detects any moving thing and record its localisation then send it to the mouse pointer, you are also able to change the motion speed, acceleration, timeout of the mouse.

How to use NPointer

1) Download NPointer from its official website.

2) The file is a .zip file, Extract it then launch NPointer.exe

3) Select the Webcam device from the drop down menu.

4) Done! Now you can control the mouse with your web camera.