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Delete All Facebook Messages [Update]

Thursday, April 18, 2013

This is one of the things that Facebook doesn't include in the Chat features, it's Delete All Facebook Messages at Once. This trick will save you a lot of time while deleting your old chat history from the Facebook messages panel.We have already wrote about How to Remove All Facebook Chat History, but facebook have made improvements and closed it in the last months. Here is a tutorial on How to do that in the last new Facebook update...

How it Works?

This is a simple Javascript code that will be executed within the Web Browser while browsing your messages to select & delete all the visible messages. The Javascript code can easily be used by bookmarking it or pasting it in the address bar (Firefox).

How to Delete All Facebook Messages at Once

1) Open up Google Chrome and Press CTRL + D to open the bookmarking manager.

2) Click Edit then in the URL field paste the following Javascript code:

Note: If the above method failed to work, then follow this:

*Drag and Drop this picture to the Bookmark bar of your Browser

3) After adding a shortcut bookmark to this Facebook Delete All messages Javascript code, now go to your Messages page of Facebook, then Click the Bookmarked Code

4) Done! The JS Code will delete all your Facebook chat history in a single Click.