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How to Get The Best Free VPN

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Best Free VPN ClientsVPN is a service that allows you to change your IP address and hide your identity surfing the web or using internet apps. Using a VPN you're in a Security from hacking, privacy dangers and identity hijacking with a full anonymity Online. Now all the available and most secure VPN clients online are paid or limited, and no one can or will pay for a VPN service however it has a good place in our Online life. How about getting this Paid VPN Service for Free? In this article I'm reviewing a list of best Free VPN Clients online that you can get easily.

The Pros and Cons of Free VPN

The free virtual private network comes with a limited speed that turns around 500 Kbits/s which is very poor compared to your direct network connection speed, also a Free vpn proxy is shared with people around the world which will limit its usability and flexibility. However a non-cost vpn client is good, since you are not obliged to pay for it unless you donate to its developers, it also enables good features like high anonymity (changing IP address to another country), transparency (full anonymity and appears that you're from no where) and full security.

Best Free VPN

You can get your Free Virtual Private Network and hide your identity by changing the IP address and access websites (like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter...) from any other country (like US, UK, Germany, France...)Here's a list of the Best Free VPN Clients that exists on the web.

1. CyberGhost VPN

 This Free VPN is the best one in the industry, it provides High Anonymity along with High Download/ Upload Speed, also this client gives to Free Users the possibility to access HTTPS websites with 128 Bits SSL connection. However CyberGhost gives a limited bandwidth to free accounts of 1GB (expandable & renewable). You can get CyberGhost VPN service from the here.

2. Proxpn VPN

A Cross-Platform Free VPN client that works also on iPhone and Windows Phone supporting PPTP. It enables a strong data encryption and communication protection to almost any type of Internet connection including 3G, DSL or Wireless. Just like CyberGhost, Proxpn protects you by changing the ISP's default IP address and encrypt the SSL connection. It also gives the possibility to select the Country of the IP address to free users. To gain access to this free vpn client, you have to create an account in Proxpn, download the Client then login to your account.

3. SecurityKiss VPN

A Yet another Cyberghost alternative VPN client based on OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP. It provides good protection with high anonymity, it also virtualize your location to use Skype or any other VOIP connection with high speed. SecurityKiss is a tunnel that encrypts your personal data online through their secure server. It works on almost all Operating Systems: Windows, MAC, Linux, iPhone & iPad,  You can get SecurityKiss from here.

4. Hotspot Shield

This is the very popular free VPN client that provides good data transfer speed (around 1 Mbits/s), high security through data encryption, almost perfect anonymity by virtualizing default ISP IP to another location. Hotspot Shield is a perfect VPN client that you can get for Free. The negative points of Hotspot Shield, and which it doesn't make it rank higher than the above VPN clients, it shows advertisements above all pages for Free users which totally annoys and disturbs you when surfing. You can get HotSpot Shield from Cnet