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How to Make Money with SeoClerks + 2$ For Free

Friday, April 5, 2013

SeoClerks is a Micro Jobs online service to sell SEO and related stuff in the Internet. SeoClerks is like Fiverr but it only accepts SEO, Facebook Likes, Link Building, Twitter follows and many other stuff. You can sell any things related to Social Networks or SEO and make a very easy money. In addition you can use the money you earn in driving more visitors or getting more ranking with White Hat SEO. Here I'm giving a small Review about SeoClerks and How to get 2 dollars Free with this program using your Twitter account.

How SeoClerks Works?

SeoClerks is a Micro Job website that you can make money with by selling some SEO, Social Networks, Bots or anything related to internet with some dollars ( from 1$ to 100$ or more). For example you can sell Twitter followers, Facebook Likes, Website visitors, link building or any similar things.

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How to Make Money with SeoClerks

2) Click Join link in the header menu section

3) Fill the form with the required information, be sure to enter Your Skills, example: Twitter, Design, CSS, Facebook, Pages...

4) After completing the Signup, go to your Email and Activate your Account with the link they sent you.

5) Now You can use SeoClerks to buy and sell SEO, Facebook, Twitter, Forum, Blogs services or anything related to those topics: To Sell a Service follow this:

   a)Go to Seller menu, and Click Create a Service

   b)Write the Information about your service like below, be sure to include Tags and to Attach a Picture to your gig:

   c) Click Submit, it will be listed in SeoClerks, and when someone wants to purchase a service from you you'll be notified by an email.

How to Get 2 Dollars For Free in SeoClerks

With SeoClerks you can get 2$ for Free by just tweeting a simple text about SeoClerks, you can do this by following this tutorial:

2) Click Tweet button and tweet it on twitter, then go back and Click Verify button

3) With those 2dollars you can buy any service that fits those little money.

Tips to Increase SeoClerks Sales Fast

If you want to make more money and dollars with SeoClerks, then it's possible as you can sell as much as it can be. Here's some Tips to Increase your SeoClerks sales fast:

After Creating a Service in SeoClerks do the following tricks:

1) Share your Service link in Social Networks including Facebook, Twitter and Google+
2) Make many forum posts about your gig that you created and add the link to the service.
3) Submit it to some Social Bookmarks websites like Stumbleupon, Reddit, Digg...
4) If you own a Website, then add a Review about your gig to increase sales fast.