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Top Cydia Tweaks for iPhone

Thursday, April 25, 2013

With Cydia, iPhone iPod and iPad users are able to download restricted software apps that helps a lot with the iOS life. However Cydia is installed only if you Jailbreak your iPhone iPad or iPod touch to be able to access all repositories and install apps (.deb) from one easy Graphical User Interface. After jailbreaking Cydia should appear in your springboard and you can start adding resources then installing apps. Here's a list of Top Cydia Tweaks that you can start with and works good with iOS 6 and iPhone 5 as well as iPad mini.

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Top Cydia Tweaks for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch in 2013

1. Auxo

Auxo is a Cydia tweak that adds a new style and many features to the iOS app switcher (taskbar). Auxo enables a awesome stylish new app switcher with too much to offer: You can kill apps by sliding them down, Remove multiple apps by dragging them with multiple fingers or you can close all apps with one hold over an app, Preview apps while they are running in background, Play/Pause/Switch Music and volume control in the  same page that replaces the Playback page, Respring or Activate WiFi/3G/Edge/GPS and more plus the ability to control brightness from one single page that replaces the Volume page in the default iOS app switcher. Auxo is really worth the download and install and it works well with iOS 6 and iPhone 5.

You can find Auxo in:

  • Insanelyi Source
  • HackYouriPhone Source
Download Auxo .Deb file:

  1. Auxo 1.4-2.deb
  2. Auxo Patch v1.0.deb
  3. Install debs using iFile or any other.

2. HiPStore

HiPStore is an alternative to the closed Installous but more powerful, HiPstore allows you Download and Install Cracked Apps directly to your iOS device, it enables direct and fast download of iPA files with resume ability. HiPstore gives a clear and easy to use GUI with many features like Auto-Install that installs the app right after download and more...

You can find HiPStore in:

  • HeaveniPhone Source :

Download HiPStore .Deb File:

  1. HiPStore 1.0.9.deb
  2. Install debs using iFile or any other

3. Barrel

Barrel enables a very stylish transition effects when sliding between iOS' springboard pages, it brings a 3D effect with many transitions to choose from. It customizes the sliding effect of the springboard to add a perfect animation to your iOS. Barrel is also compatible with iOS 6 and iPhone 5.

You can find Barrel in:

  • Sinful iPhone Repo
  • Insanelyi Source

Download Barrel .Deb File:

  1. Barrel 1.6.5-1.deb
  2. Install debs using iFile or any other

4. iCleaner

All of us know about CCleaner in Windows, and Yes iCleaner is the alternative of CCleaner but for iDevices. iCleaner helps you clean ALL unused apps, cache files, temporary files, garbages from your iPhone thus clearing, speeding up and freeing up space in your iOS. When I first used iCleaner, and after a long use of my iPhone, it analyzed the system files and all the files and when I touched the button "Clean" it helped me to free up more than 2GB of unused files. You can use it too to clean up all the mess that happened with your iDevice. Also this is compatible with the latest iOS6 and iPhone5.

You can find iCleaner in:

  • BigBoss Source

Download iCleaner.Deb File:

  1. iCleaner 6.2.3-2.deb
  2. Install debs using iFile or any other

5. iBlackList

Have you ever wanted to block incoming calls or text messages on your iPhone? Yes, now you can do that by installing the new cydia app called iBlacklist. It comes with a lot features that helps you block incoming calls and SMS: Add numbers and contacts to the Blacklist, Select Actions to perform when one of the blacklist calls/send sms (Hang up, Accept call, Low signal, Busy SMS...), Add a White list so it will be easy to make an include list and not an exclude list... 

You can find iCleaner in:

  • xSellize Source
  • Sinful Repo

Download iBlacklist .Deb File:

  1. iBlacklist 6.1.deb or from here
  2. Install debs using iFile or any other