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10 Nostalgic Games That You Can Play

Friday, May 31, 2013

Whether it was a Nintendo console, Sega or even the first generation of Playstation from Sony, all of us have been playing games when we was kids. Time passes through, new Consoles, advanced graphics and more, however those old games are still engraved in our memory and we'll never forgot about  them. Here's the Top 10 Nostalgic Games That you Still Can
Play using an Emulator on your computer.

1. Mario Bros 3

I think no one doesn't know about this popular game. Mario Bros 3 published by Nintendo and first landed on the NES console, just like the previous series of Mario, he & his brother Luigi are in a quest to save the princess peach traveling from castle to castle searching for her.

2. Sonic The Hedgehog Series

Sonic 1, Sonic 2 and Sonic 3 are the most successful games series that happened to exist in the Sega Genesis console. The game consists of playing with a hedgehog called Sonic known with his super fast speed  trying to beat an evil character called Dr Eggman who attempting to dominate the world with his evil plans.

3. Driver

Driver is a great action driving game that landed on Playstation 1 (PSX). It's a Free-Roaming game where you are driving a car through different cities : San Francisco, Miami, Los Angeles and New York. You can also play missions in the undercover mode.

4. Track N' Field

The best of fun was with this sports game. Track N' Field simulates some Olympic games with fast buttons presses to make the player runs and jumps. It's one of the best NES games. You can download the NES emulator from the above first game Mario Bros 3.

5. Street Fighter II

Street Fighter II by Capcom is a competitive fighting game where you choose a player and start beating all other fighters to be the champion, it was first an Arcade game and then it spread on almost all consoles especially SNES system.

6. Spider Man

Another Playstation 1 Game is Spider Man, it's a beat'em all style video game by Activision. In this game you are controlling a special character that has spider abilities like sending a spider webs. It's truly a good game that I personally used to have fun with it. You can download the Playstation 1 Emulator from the above game Driver 1.

7. Zelda : A Link to the Past

The Legend of Zelda : Link to the past is an adventure game by Nintendo where you play with a brave character named Link who makes an adventure to save Hyrule (his village), defeat Ganon (the evil) and rescue the seven descendants of the Sages, you'll first start with nothing in hands and then acquire a sword and collecting more items as you progress in game. You can Download the SNES Emulator from the above game Street Fighter II.

8. Mario Kart

Another Mario game is Mario Kart, where you play with different characters driving little kart cars in races. Now Mario Kart is available in many new consoles like Nintendo DS. 

9. Streets of Rage

Have been selected as one of the Top 10 games many times, Streets of Rage is a very special game that most people like playing it. It's a fighting action-adventure game where you chose a character to play with and start beating bad guys around you until you find the boss of every stage. You can Download the Genesis Emulator from the above game Sonic Series.

10. Aladdin 

Disney's Aladdin game for Sega Genesis system is inspired from the movie. It's a very awesome adventure game and guys most of you like this game a lot because it provides a funny gameplay, sounds and musics along with differentiation between levels so you will not fed up playing this game or even completing all stages. You can Download the Genesis Emulator from the above game Sonic Series.