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3 Ways to Find your Computer's Drivers Fast

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Finding your PC's drivers after formating is not an easy way especially when you don't know your computer's hardware models (sound card, graphic card, motherboard...). While combatting this problem, trying to fix your computer might also put it in danger since you can harm your hardware equipment with wrong drivers or tweaks, or also your computer might catch viruses from different harmful driver-downloads websites. So in this article I want to show you the Most 3 Easy Ways to Find and Download your Computer's Drivers fast without being worried about them.

How this Helps you ?

After formatting your computer and with a fresh new installation of Windows you are not able to: hear sounds, play games, use different devices linked to your computer ( printer, joystick, scanner...). So finding those drivers is extremely hard, so here's the best 3 Ways to find and download your PC drivers that works for all Windows versions : XP, Vista 7 and 8...

3 Ways to Find and Download your PC Drivers Fast

1. Using the Official Website of your Computer

You can search and download your drivers using the official website of your Computer's brand. For example if you have a Dell computer you would go to official Drivers page of Dell and search by computer models then select the Operating System and it will provide you with download links. You can find the Drivers page of your computer's by googling : Brand + "Drivers" and replace brand with pc's brand (e.g: DELL).

Here's the Top Brands Drivers Download pages:

Say that you own a DELL Computer (Desktop or Laptop) :

2) Select the option that says Choose from a list of a dell products

3) Select which type of computer you own ( Laptop or Desktop)

4) Choose which type of laptops or desktops you own.

5) Select the model of your PC.

6) It will list all available driver downloads for you, Just Download & Install

2. Auto Search and Download Drivers

If you are not able to identify your computer's brand or model OR if you are not able to identify your drivers, then you can use this method to Automatically Identify, Search and Download your Drivers using a software called DriverMax. It allows you to download the latest updates from their servers with a Free daily quota of 2 Drivers per day, sufficient to download your Audio and Video drivers.
You can find the tutorial in the following article:

3. Backup your Drivers for Later Restore

If you are in your way to restore or format your Windows computer, then hang in there! Just perform this 2 Clicks action to Backup your Drivers for later Restore after formatting your computer. Sounds good? Then, you can do that to avoid any other problems, just backup your drivers (choose what type of backups you want : Zip archive, Folder, Auto-Installer...) then restore them using the same software or using the Auto-Installer (if you chose auto-installer in the backup option.).

The tutorial to backup and restore drivers is in the following article:

How to Backup your Drivers for Later Restore>

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