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5 Ways to Get More Facebook Page Likes

Monday, May 27, 2013

As Facebook is growing and gathering more people everyday, Pages on this social network are also growing in an unbelievable way: Facebook platform has more than 50 Million fan pages driving more than 2 Million fans everyday, huge numbers isn't it? So in order to build a successful page that gains lots of likes you have to follow some strategies and methods that really helps. In a previous post we talked about How to Get Unlimited Facebook Likes, here we are again to introduce 5 more ways to get more Facebook likes.

1. Post Shareable Content 

When using your facebook page to share content with your fans obviously it's important to publish things that people love and share with their friends and reach more than only your fans. Here are some useful tips to post some good content that people like most:

  • Avoid Videos and Text-Only Posts
  • Share attractive Photos the most
  • Write few lines of description
  • Tag fans in a picture

2. Use Social Exchange Websites

Social Exchange websites are a good way to get more likes on your Facebook pages. Social Exchange is a website that you earn points liking, +1ing, Twitting, Following and sharing others pages and websites, when you acquire points you add your Facebook page and set the CPC (number of points you want to give for each like) then you will receive fans as an exchange of what you did collecting points or coins. The following is a list of most popular Social Exchanging websites ordered by the most active website:

3. Attractive Profile + Cover Photos

To make your page attractive it's important to add a cool profile and cover pictures as they will be the front face of your page and every new visitor should be amazed by the design. You can design your own Profile and cover photos or try searching around the web for something cool, so here are some websites that will help you doing this:

4. Get a Cool & Memorable Username

Usernames on facebook are the word that follows the Slash, example: the word "ztuts" in this link is the username of the page . Creating a memorable username, especially when it's the same as your page name, helps a lot getting returning visitors and new fans. To create a username for your page go to: Facebook Usernames

5. Add Like Box to your Website or Blog

If you own a website or blog and wants to convert your visitors into Fans, then you have to install a Like button in your website and you'll gain to much of likes especially when the Like box is placed on a great place. You can generate a Like box widget from here