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Best Alternative to Zbigz with High Speed

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Torrent files are now being used very much in term of File Sharing, torrent enables many features like peer-to-peer sharing files worldwide, high speed downloads while downloading from another uploader instantly. We've already wrote about How to Direct Download Torrents with IDM that was using Zbigz website which doesn't include too much of Free Slots (zbigz is still working). Here's another Website alternative to zbigz for downloading torrents in direct HTTP links without using any torrent clients (bittorrent), this website is much better that zbigz providing High Speed and download Resume.

How it Works?

You paste magnet links of the torrent file you want to download, the website will download the files to its server, it stores the files to your personal account and finally you can download your files from anywhere and from any device.

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Best Alternative to Zbigz, Download torrents in High Speed and Resume

1) Go to Filestream website

2) Click Signup button just after scrolling down.

3) Check the box that says "I accept Terms and Conditions" then Click Register button

4) Enter your account details: email and password, leave the Promo code field empty and enter captcha code, then Click Signup button

5) You'll receive an email in your inbox for confirming your signup process, the email will look like below, all you have to do is clicking Registration Confirmation Link

6) After confirming your email, go to Filestream and click Login then enter your Email and Password

7) In the dashboard, click Download Torrent button to access the torrent downloader.

8) Paste the Magnet link or Upload .torrent file to the downloader like below, then click Download

9) The website will start downloading the file and when it completes it will send you an email.

10) After the torrent download is complete, you can go and Download it as a Zip or download one/multiple file(s) from the folders inside the torrent. To Download the whole torrent as ZIP file click the button like below:

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