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How to Find the Best DNS for Faster Internet Speed

Monday, May 6, 2013

DNS server, for Domain Name System, is the layer that resolves domain names and translates them to IP address (example: ---DNS---> ) that's the role of the DNS server. DNS servers' speed depends on many factors, like the location of the server, the speed of resolving domains, the port speed of DNS server... If you choose the best DNS according to its speed you'll gain more fast How to Speed up Internet Connection using DNS we talked about How to set Google's DNS server to speed up your connection.
Internet Connection speed with a simple tweak. You can see our older article about

How it Works?

This trick will help you finding the best & fastest dns server for your internet connection. First it lists all available and good dns servers, then when you start the benchmark it will tests the speeds of all DNS servers listed ( cached speed, uncached speed, dotcom speed...) and finally gives the result. Then you have to choose one of the Fastest DNS and set your computer to point on it.

How to Find the Best DNS for Faster Internet Connection

1) Download DNS Benchmark

2) After Downloading DNS Benchmark, launch the executable.

3) It will start analyzing and listing available DNS IPs, Wait until it lists the most of DNS

4) Go to Nameservers then Click Run Benchmark

5) DNS Benchmark will start analyzing the speed of every server, just wait some time to finish testing.

6) After finishing the test, Click on Response Time tab to order them with Low Latency + High Speed 

7) The first DNS should be the Fastest one, choose it and set your Computer to Point to this DNS Server.