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How To Make Google Chrome Use Less Memory

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Most of the people now prefers Google Chrome as the greatest web browser ever released, it's well known with the best performance and simple user interface which makes it easy to use for all kind of people, it takeover more than 50% of the Web Browsers usage in the world. However some of its users might face a serious problem about Huge Memory Consumption from Chrome, it starts draining your computer's available RAM and prevents you from performing any other tasks like gaming. Like we have seen before Fix Firefox RAM Consumption So here are some few tips that will help you reduce Google Chrome's memory leaks.

1. OneTab Extension

OneTab is a great extension that helps Chrome reduce memory usage by closing and regrouping all the opened tabs in one click. Whenever you find that you opened many tabs and you don't need any of them for the moment, just click OneTab from the extension bar and it will close all those tabs to regroup them in a single list for later use. OneTab can help you reduce more than 90% of RAM

2. Kill Memory Eating Tabs / Extensions

Google Chrome came with a built-in task manager that will help you identifying memory eaters (Tabs and Extensions). It lists all opened and running pages with their memory usage. Pages that uses too much of RAM are pages running many scripts (Javascript...), plugins(Flash, Java...), after identifying them you just kill their tasks. Here's how to do it:

  1. Press Shift + Esc (opens Task Manager)
  2. Double Click the Memory tab (reorders tasks by memory)
  3. Select the pages with High Memory and click End Process

3. TGS Extension

TGS or The Great Suspender is a very important Chrome utility that auto kills idle tabs, what that means? Ok, while using Google Chrome all opened tabs are draining memory even when we don't use them, so that's why we use TGS as it helps us auto killing those non-used tabs (idle) after specified time (5minutes to 60 minutes) which will improve your computer's speed by gaining more memory.
After you install The Great Suspender, Right Click the extension > Options and setup your configuration (whitelist, timeout..)