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How to Unblur & Clarify a Picture

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Sometimes you may have taken a photo with a wrong Focus value or your photo is scanned so it loses some sharpness, the pictures will barely be visible and you can't do anything facing this blurry photos. Also it might be a hidden photo of a criminal or a person who hides his face. Here's an easy tutorial about how you can Unblur & Clarify your photos and make it more sharp using this trick. This free portable software gives you the ability to clarify images using many methods in order to provide you with the best resutls.

How it Works?

This is a free portable software that gives you the ability to filtrate your photos with many methods like Gaussian, Motion and Out of focus blur effects applied within the image. It will process the picture by creating sharp mask with circles that will make the blur effect go away easily.

How to Unblur & Clarify your Photos

1) Download SmartDeblur from Github

2) Prepare your Blurry image, it will look like the below image: it contains a special text from us that is not readable with the naked eye.

3) Extract SmartDeblur using Winrar or Winzip. Now Launch SmartDeblur.exe then it will start.

4) Now Click Open button then browse to your blurry picture and open it.

5) After the image is opened you have multiple choices to do with it to make it more visible, here's the explanation of every tool you can use:

  • Defect Type: This tool have 3 options to select from: 

  1. Out of Focus: this is used when the blur is due to a camera focus value error.
  2. Gaussian blur: this option is used when the blur is did with a photo processing program like Photoshop.
  3. Motion blur: this option is used when the picture contains an animated thing captured with the camera like a car passing with high speed

  • Radius : this tool have a very important role in this program, by increasing it the image will look more visible, but when you set it to higher value it will the image blur again so use it wisely to take the perfect position.

  • Smooth: like its name indicates, this tool helps you make the sharpness effect more smooth.

6) Done! After tweaking your image and finding the best and most visible settings, you can save it. Here's our text image how it looked after unblurring it: