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3D Animations You Can See Without Glasses

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Did ever wanted to know How 3D Videos work really? Simple, as the human's pair of eyes can give a real depth about objects (far & near) which makes us see in 3D, so that's how 3D movies are made, they simply record a left and right eye views then merge them in one video. To make the eyes distinguish which one to look at (the right eye watch the right video only and the left eye watch the left video only) they found many solutions to this: Anaglyph (red & right), Polarized, etc... So in this article I'm posting a cool stunning collection of animations that You Can See Without Glasses ! Yes without Glasses, I'm also explaining how this works.

How this Works?

Like I said, making 3D Videos or Movies consists of recording to layers of videos (right and left eye) then merging the layers in one video, after that they use glasses to separate the 2 layers each one goes to an eye (the left video to the left eye and the right to the right eye) and you'll be able to see the 3D depths like in real life. The following animations are made the same way except you See 3D Without Glasses by simply passing the 2 images (left and right) in a single animation with a delayed interval between them which makes it  truly looks like 3D Movies.

Note: For better experience open the images in a new Tab

Stunning 3D Cat

3D Dragon


Women Sitting

Another Cat

Jurassic Park

Asian Women


Simple Post (Open in a new Tab)

3D Animal

3D Stunning Perfect Eye (Open in a new Tab)

Thanks for reading this article, hope you enjoyed seeing those stunning 3D arts that will make a little amazed with the depths that looks like movies while you weren't wearing glasses.

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