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How to Protect Your Registry from Viruses

Friday, June 7, 2013

The Registry of Windows is a sort of internal database that stores all programs configurations and options. Since Windows doesn't prompt users of any new entry added to the Registry, it's easy that some malicious programs can tweak up your registry just to infect your computer (for example by adding a new entry to launch the virus on every Windows startup). To protect your registry from those harmful attacks, you need to monitor unwanted actions imported to the registry on every new program setup, run or modification, to do so by ourselves is almost impossible since the Registry contains millions of entries. In this article I'm going to show you 2 Ways to Protect your Computer from Registry malwares/viruses

1. Registry Alert

Registry Alert is the best free easy & Reliable Registry monitoring tool, it allows users to protect their computer's sensible database (reg) from different malicious programs. Once installed, it will be running reduced and in stealth mode. Whenever a new program (malicious or not) demands access to registry, the program will prompt you with a Yes or No buttons to allow or not the program to access and modify your registry. If it's a trustworthy program and it was ran by you then simply click Allow to enable registry access.

2. Monitor Registry Changes Software

Monitor Registry Changes software is a little different from the above monitor and listener tool Registry Alert. This software is no doubt a registry monitor but works in a different way, it takes a snapshot (current image of the registry) and starts listening for any new entries and - in realtime - comparing the current registry to the old created snapshot, if a difference is found then it will lists it. Another feature of this software is that you can monitor (listening) on a specific branch (example: HKLM only or HKLM/Software/Microsoft ) what will make it easy to find any suspicious access.