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How to Use FaceMoji Stickers in Facebook Chat

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Facebook stickers are a new funny chat emoticons presented by Facebook months ago, you can send Facebook Stickers from your iPhone or Android device using the Facebook Home app. Since it's only available on smartphones you'll not be able to use stickers in the simple chat box from your computer, so that's why in this article I'm writing about a new Chrome & Firefox extension called Facemoji which enables many stickers (even more than the Facebook Home's stickers) to send them during chat and have fun playing with emoticons.

What is FaceMoji?

FaceMoji is a great extension to spice-up your Facebook chat with some extra new stickers (big smileys & emoticons) that can be sent by chat to anyone else in Facebook. Not only chat but also it adds plenty of new comments stickers to use. 
Note-1: The positive side of this browser extension is that the user you chat with sees the stickers without the need to install it.

Some Screenshots of FaceMoji

FaceMoji in Chat

FaceMoji in Comments

How to Install FaceMoji : Facebook Stickers in Chat Box

Installing FaceMoji is as easy as 1-2-3, like you always install Chrome or Firefox extensions this addon is 1-Click away to install and start using it, so here's the tutorial:

1. Go to FaceMoji Extension: Chrome or Firefox

2. Click Add to Chrome if you are using Google Chrome or Click Add to Firefox if you are using Firefox

3. Just Refresh the Facebook tab, and you'll notice a new grey heart inside the chat box like the images above. 

Note-2: If you are using it for the same time, it will redirects you to a login to app page, just click Login and refresh Facebook again

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