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How to Surf Anonymously Using Proxurf

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

As we all know, in some countries people are subject to some kind of limitation when connecting the internet, the countries places a Filter so a bunch of websites are blocked and are not accessed from that location. Usually the websites blocked are: Youtube, Facebook, Twitter or adult websites. For such a problem, users are always using Proxies to hide their IP address and access the web like any one else. The Proxy websites are in high demand which makes it very slow, regarding the download/upload speed. Here's a great web-based website called PROXURF it combines the Speed, Safety and Simplicity for good navigation while hiding your IP Address.


PROXURF (referring to Proxy + Surf words) is a web based proxy that helps you surf the web anonymously while unblocking access to websites and changing your IP address to another geolocation in Miami or Nevada, United States of America. Also PROXURF provides a secure connection to any website like Youtube, Facebook to enable a safe user experience while surfing the internet.

Features of PROXURF

  1. FREE : the use of Proxurf is totally Free and doesn't require any charges.
  2. Web-Based : Proxurf is Web based and doesn't require any downloads or installs, just go to and use it.
  3. Fast : Proxurf is tend to be the Fastest Proxy ever, when using it you'll feel the high speed and you'll certainly like it
  4. Easy-to-Use: Proxurf's interface is extremely very easy to use and anybody will never find a problem surfing the web with it
  5. Youtube Videos: Proxurf also allows watching Youtube videos using JWPlayer and you can stream more than 3 minutes of videos (up to 40 Minutes of streaming).
  6. US Web Proxy: Proxurf gives a IP based in Miami or Nevada located in USA 
  7. Download: You can also download files through this proxy server
  8. Javascript Proxy: It also allows running Javascripts and other scripts

Proxy on Mobile

Proxurf also works on mobile since it's responsive and works for all devices as well, you can safely browse the web from your iPhone, Android or any tablet like iPad or Galaxy tab, here's a screenshot from an iPhone running Proxurf:

The IP Address Used

The IP Address used will never appear as a Proxy so you'll be unblocking websites and surfing the web in high anonymity, here's a review from :

And you can check it yourself from here:

Also the IP address is located in Nevada (or sometimes in Miami) here's a screenshot from :

And you can check it yourself from here:

How to Access Blocked Websites

1. Go to

2. In the field that says "Enter URL.." enter the URL you want to browse.

3. Click Browse! and you are done,