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Why every business needs an efficient email archive system that saves space and time

Friday, August 2, 2013

The business world uses email as a standard form of communication in the 21st century, and with many billions of emails sent around the world on a daily basis, it’s no surprise that even the most organized of individuals can soon end up with a cluttered in-box. Archiving emails is an essential part of any IT system, and it pays to make sure that it’s efficiently organized and easy to access. Furthermore, there are some archiving solutions that have multiple benefits which go further than simply saving space.

Mimecast has been in the business of providing email and internet security solutions for 10 years and has long been at the forefront of advanced solutions in these areas. The Mimecast email archiving, back-up and storage system uses cloud storage – an off-line solution that is rapidly becoming the chosen route for business users – and offers a range of features that make it more than just an archiving system. Far removed from the clumsy and time-consuming – let alone space-eating – server-based, systems, this one is designed to be easy to use. Plus it offers quick access to all emails stored for as long as the customer requires.
Email security is a matter of concern for many businesses; emails can contain sensitive information and encryption is a must. If hackers get into a business or personal email account they can gain access not just to the information within the mail, but to the users address book and personal information - a potentially dangerous situation. The fact that Yahoo! (one of the biggest players in the digital business world) was hacked to great effect in early 2013 is proof that the problem is not restricted to smaller companies or users with lax security.
With cybercrime on the rise and promising rich pickings for the criminals involved, it’s essential that a well-tried and tested email system is chosen. And the Mimecast solutions are a sensible choice. The cloud storage feature allows for both time and money saving, plus added productivity. By moving the archived emails off-line, the space previously used on the servers is freed. This lessens the load on the servers themselves and removes the need for deleting potentially important emails to make room for newer ones. Mimecast also charges by the number of users, reducing the cost of storage.

With direct integration to Microsoft Outlook – users can simply drag and drop between the archive and Outlook to retrieve saved emails in no time – the system promises greater productivity. The security of the cloud storage system is clearly greater than that provided by a standard on-site archiving solution. The Yahoo! incident proves that there is a very real threat where email is concerned. It serves to highlight the need for a system that promises more than just a back-up service, but a full security and protection service as well. Mimecast can draw on all of its experience to provide businesses, large and small, with exactly that.