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How to Get Unlimited Facebook Fans [Easy]

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Razor Likes is a website that provides a very Easy Exchange tool to help you Growing your Social Followers: Facebook Likes, Twitter Followers and Retweets, Google Plus +1's, Youtube Views, Digg, and Traffic Exchange. You can choose who you want to Like, follow, Visit, View... and skip those you're not interested in. All is totally FREE! Get Free 50 Coins Signup Bonus.

How to Get FREE Filehosting Premium Account [Pro.]

Especially Hotfile and Rapidshare are one of the best file hosting and sharing website, though it allow for public users to download but in slow speed, Hotfile and Rapidshare provides high speed download and many other features only for Premium users which is paid (around 10$/Month). Buying a premium account is quite difficult for any one. How about getting totally FREE Premium Accounts? This trick will use cookie changing (someone from Hotfile Premium buy an account, and share his cookies to the public so that we can use it with him). This Works for All File Sharing Websites: Uploaded,Filefactory, Fileserve, FileSonic and many more...

How to Change Win7 Theme to Mac OS X [Easy]

Monday, July 30, 2012

MAC OS is brightly known as one of the best Operating Systems that have been created in the Computer history, but it's pretty popular by its high cost. Along with Windows 7, which also is a great operating system and one of the most sold OS from Microsoft. We know that MAC OS provides a very nice Theme and cool  interface. So, here is the transformation pack called 'Lion Skin Pack 13.0' that would transform your old Windows 7 into MAC OS X Theme with simple clicks setup.

How to Create a Virus with Notepad [Med.]

Yes, we all know what virus is and how it totally overrides your computer, some of the viruses are pretty easy to remove but some other are quite hard to delete them. Using an antivirus is great idea especially when you are using Internet or USB flash drives. You don't know how those viruses are really compiled and created, almost 90% of computer viruses are made by simple programming language like C#, Visual Basic, Java and Batch Scripting which we are going to use in this tutorial.

How to Send Fax from Internet Free [Med.]

Sunday, July 29, 2012

The use of computer is more tending to Office tasks such as Document printing, Text edition and much more. Fax is one of the best still-alive technology to send informations that a paper contain, a Fax simply analyze the content of the document, send the information in binary form (or any other codes), the recipient will receive the correct information and then the Fax print it down to get the right paper. Sending a Fax is a method to exchange informations, but it needs to have a Fax machine. How about sending it for FREE and from Internet? Sounds good isn't it? Okay this is very easy tutorial about How to Send Free Fax Online.

List of Secret Facebook Chat Smileys [Easy]

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Facebook gave the ability to its users, like any other chat program, to use and express their feelings with the smileys icons to send. Like I written in the last post about How to Create your Own Facebook Smileys, all of us are bored using those small number of emoticons that Facebook provides, and we want to find some secret Facebook Smileys that can be used with chat and without any software. So, I'm sharing with you this very top secret List of Facebook Smileys to use in Chat box. This Trick is to use the profile Username of accounts created with emoticon image as profile picture.

How to Make your PC Say your Name at Startup [Med.]

Friday, July 27, 2012

Making your Computer welcome you with a special message is a cool trick, you can make it speak your Name, say Welcome or anything you want. This trick that we are going to use, is a very short Copy/Paste Script based on Visual Basic Scripting that will be compiled using Notepad (saved as .vbs file). After doing so, that file will be placed in startup folder, so that it will be executed every time the computer starts. This hack have been extracted from the post Best 5 Funny Notepad Tricks.

How to Post Empty Status on Facebook [Easy]

In our Facebook life, we always update our status with a quote, expression, what we are doing... And we want to make an attractive status. Haven't you seen a person that shared a blank status update? That's awesome isn't it? What I know is you can't post a blank Facebook status simply by hitting the Space bar and sharing that, that surely won't work. Instead of that, you have to place a simple code that will be replace by an empty character (Facebook Glitch).

How to Make Free Phone Calls from your PC [Med.]

Thursday, July 26, 2012

VoIP or Voice over IP is the way that we use Internet to call each other. It's a nice invention that we can make Calls from Computer to Mobile Phone, but the problem is making calls is too expensive and never been FREE. I'm sharing with you this very easy and totally FREE method to get 5 minutes of Free PC to Phone calls and Send SMS Worldwide, and I'll show you how to get free credit with Rebtel.

How to Create your Own Google Chrome Theme [Easy]

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Google Chrome have override the top list of Internet Web browsers, and now  it's one of the best computer Web Browsers. Google Chrome is getting more larger with more users thanks to its interface that's quite good and friendly user. Chrome themes are a nice upgrade that you can apply to make Chrome more comfortable. If you want to create your Own Theme by adding images, customizing and colorizing texts and borders, it's very easy to do, just follow this tutorial.

How to Convert Any Video Without Software [Med.]

Video converting software are pretty costly especially for users who wants to convert small videos. We all know that in order to convert any video to any other format you want, you need to download a Video Converter and buy the serial to activate it, that's what we know. But now you can convert any Video format to any other Format without any Software using this simple Online tool, including audio conversion, document conversion, image conversion and many other services.

Best 5 Funny Notepad Tricks [Fun]

Monday, July 23, 2012

Notepad is a very simple text editing tool provided with any Windows version, it's very used by users to edit texts, HTML, vbs and many other files that include texts. Over the years of using Notepad, users and hackers have discovered many glitches that can be exploited and used to make some funny tricks ( some other are seriously not funny ). Here I'm sharing this top 5 Notepad Tricks to use to prank your friends, it doesn't need to much of time: Open Notepad > Write the code > Save it.

How to Run Android APK Apps on your Computer [Med.]

Friday, July 20, 2012

Android is an operating system that is based on Linux, it's dedicated for mobile phones especially for smartphones and tablets. Testing an Android application is not very easy, since .APK files are only supported on Android based devices. BlueStacks app player, a new Windows software that allowed Android fans to download and Run Android .APK files on standard PCs. Check Also How I Installed Android OS on PC/Laptop.

How to Extract Text from Scanned Image [Easy]

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Optical Character Recognition or better known by OCR, is a technology  that uses an algorithm to capture and extract text from image files. This technology helps us to get rid of rewriting text files that was printed, so you can scan it or take a picture using your camera, copy the image into the computer, then finally use the Optical Character Recognition to convert it into text. What we are going to see is a free Online OCR Tool that helps you converting picture into text by extracting the found text, then convert it to MSword, MSexcel or plaint text (.txt), also it provides the conversion of scanned PDF to txt or rtf...

How to Create Custom Facebook Chat Pictures [Easy]

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Facebook chat emoticons add a good flavor to the discussion, Facebook have not updated the chat smileys for a very long time,  and we all want to add some other smileys to make it better to express feelings. How about to add any Picture to the Facebook Chat? How about to send your Picture as a Facebook Emoticon? Yes that's not bad, this doesn't require a software to be installed . Just follow this simple tutorial to make your own fully Customized Smiley to send in the Facebook Chat.

How to Install Ubuntu 12.04 from USB [Med.]

Monday, July 16, 2012

Ubuntu is the most popular operating system based on Debian Linux distribution. The latest version 12.04 was released 26 April 2012. If you are wondering how to Install Ubuntu without the need to blank DVD or CD, then you can convert the downloaded ISO to bootable USB. You can then Install Ubuntu from USB. Here is the simplest and easiest way to make Bootable USB of Ubuntu 12.04.

How to Reset Ubuntu 11.10 Password [Pro.]

Sunday, July 15, 2012

If you are forgetting your Ubuntu 's login password and you don't have access to it anymore, and you are stuck at the login screen. This is a tutorial in which I' m going to show you How I reset my Ubuntu v11.10 's login Password in less than 3 minutes of work. This technique is to use the GRUB of Ubuntu and access the  terminal on root and change the password with few commands. It can also recover your password of Ubuntu Installed on Virtual Machine.

How to Create Professional Video Intro [Pro.]

Friday, July 13, 2012

Flixpress is an online video maker, it provides high quality and professional montage to make Video Intros and Endings. You can add your signature to the videos by making intro and ending using Flixpress. This website gives you a ton of Templates : some of them are FREE and some other are paid ( from 2$ to 5$ ). I'm going to show you How to Create Professional Video Intros and Ending using Free Templates, and a simple Trick to get 5$ Coupon Code of Flixpress to buy paid templates.

How to Setup Backtrack 5 on Virtual Machine [Pro.]

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Backtrack Linux is the distribution based on Debian, its primary goal is penetration testing. The latest version of this Operating System is Backtrack 5 R2 ( can be downloaded from official website ). Using Backtrack with booting from Live CD is undesirable, but you can setup Backtrack 5 on a Virtual Machine and Install it beside another Operating System, such as Windows, using VMware Player 4.0

How to Open RAR Files Without Software [Easy]

Monday, July 9, 2012

To compress files and folders you need to use any archiving utility such as Winrar, to create a packed file with .Rar extension. The content in the archive should be extracted and uncompressed from the RAR file to be able to read it, in this step Winrar can interfere and do its job. In the case that we do not have any software utility to extract a RAR file, we need to use an Online application that can solve this problem.

How to Install Chrome OS on VMware [Pro.]

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Google have launched on 2009 a Linux based operating system called Chromium OS or Chrome OS to make using Google's services more easier with this simple Google Chrome OS. If you also want to test Chrome OS ( Chromium ), why not trying it on a Virtual Machine? This may help you make a shortcut instead of Installing the Operating System from bios which is very boring. Here is a full guide about How to Install Chrome OS on VMware Player 4.0, all you'll need is a Chrome OS image and VMware Player.

2 Ways to Bypass Surveys on Any Website [Med.]

Sometimes you face a serious problem when surfing the Internet. When you visit a website and you are about to see the content, you are asked to complete a survey. Those surveys are very annoying and some of them are CPA/CPL (which means: you have to pay ). Instead of taking a survey, you can bypass them with simple clicks, here I'm going to show you 2 ways to bypass surveys on any Website including ShareCash.

How to Install Windows 8 on VMware Virtual Machine [Pro.]

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Using desktop virtualization software ( VMware or VirtualBox), now we can try the best out of the latest release of Windows 8 Customer Preview version with easiness. Lately we have seen How to Install Windows 8 from USB Flash Drive with simple clicks, but that method requires to format your Computer and Install Windows 8. Now you'll see How to Install Windows 8 on VMware Virtual Machine with the necessary tools and configurations to make it more optimized.

How to Find Who Deleted you On Facebook [Med.]

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Edouard Gatouillat is geek hacker who have developed a new Browser plugin script that shows you who have deleted / Unfriend you on Facebook. This script is called Unfriend Finder, it keeps tracking and monitoring your friends list and notify you whenever a Friend have been disappeared since your last login. This is not a Spam and actually works on any Web Browser ( Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox ...).

How to Crash a Computer with IE [Fun]

This trick is a simple Batch Script written in notepad, then saved as .bat file. After the execution of this batch file it will launch Internet Explorer and start to open many websites in the same time, it's called IE-Bomb or E-Bomb. This prank is not harmful, it only hangs and freezes the computer without any other residues. Here I'm going to show you how to compile it and how to use this prank the right way.

How to Install Windows 8 With Bootable USB [Med.]

Since the Microsoft's Windows 8 developer preview version have been released, evey geek or Windows fan dream of testing this brand new Operating System. This setup needs a bootable device in your PC. If you don't want to go and buy a blank DVD then burn, you can do that by Installing it through a USB Pen Drive with very simple steps.

How to Make Multiple Facebook Accounts with Same Email [Easy]

Monday, July 2, 2012

Facebook, the most famous Social Network Website, doesn't not allow multiple accounts with the same e-mail address, but it's possible to do that with a simple Gmail trick by using the same email address. This trick is caused by a small bug in Gmail because it ignores the dot (.) so the email is the same or ... and so on.

How to Speed up Internet Connection with DNS [Med.]

DNS refer to Domain Name System, it resolves the domain name queries and convert it into IP addresses to  allow web browsers find the domain associated with the keyword entered (e.g ZTUTS.COM = ip address). By changing default DNS of your ISP (Internet Service Provider) you can access the Internet with higher speed and more efficient. This technique will allow you to change your Computer's DNS in Google's DNS.